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Celtic Woman

  • Celtic WomanMembers: David Downes (musical director), Chloë Agnew (vocalist), Lisa Lambe (vocalist), Lisa Kelly (vocalist), Máiréad Nesbitt (violinist), Susan McFadden (vocalist)
  • Nationality: Ireland
  • Years active: 2004-present
  • Type: Vocal Group
  • Studio Albums: 6
  • Record Sales: 6 million+
  • Record Label: EMI
  • Biggest Markets: USA, Canada, Australia


  • Success:
  • Talent:
  • Interpretation:
  • Creativity:

Celtic Woman
is the most successful female vocal group in classical crossover. They were conceived by Riverdance musical director, David Downes in 2004. They began as a group of five solo Irish singers put together by Downes and Sharon Browne. Over the years, the membership has undergone several changes that have seen six members come and go; the project has involved a total of eleven female artists, and all have been Irish (the only exception was Hayley Westenra's brief membership in 2006 for one album and tour). The success of the group can largely be put down to their unique sound and polished production in the studio and on stage. Their repertoire ranges from celtic and pop to classical, putting their sugary stamp on what is mostly standard material, with a few contemporary songs thrown in. Celtic Woman is very sweet and inoffensive in image and sound and will appeal to the fans of the lightest side of classical and pop.

Hayley Westenra
All Angels


#4 CEricSterling 2013-03-31 15:07
Celtic Woman transcends traditional Irish music by bringing a contemporary feel to both old and new music. They support each other on stage, shine as soloist but blend together beautifully.
#3 Danny Harris 2012-11-10 09:12
I agree, they have lovely voices and harmonies, but what makes them so good for me is the inclusion of Mairead, she is absolutely brilliant!
#2 Jenny A 2012-09-25 18:49
Listen to song clips from their new Christmas album, Home For Christmas!
#1 Sophie Langan 2012-07-06 15:31
I love Celtic Woman's music and all the past and present vocalists have sublime voices. Celtic Woman are awesome, truly amazing.

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