Friday, July 19, 2024
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The Piano Guys

  • Members: Jon Schmidt, Steven Sharp Nelson, Tel Stewart, Paul Anderson and Al van der Beek
  • Nationality: US
  • Years active: 2011 - present
  • Category: Music project
  • Studio Albums: 3
  • Record Sales: Unknown
  • Record Label: Sony
  • Biggest Markets: Youtube


  • Success:
  • Talent:
  • Interpretation:
  • Creativity:

The Piano Guys are part of the new wave of classical crossover artists, alongside the likes of Lindsey Stirling and 2Cellos, who are earning millions of fans across the globe via Youtube.  Initially coming together to promote Paul Anderson's piano shop in Utah, the guys soon found that their videos could reach dizzier heights of a recording and touring career.  After accumulating a massive following across social media (they have over 1.7million subscribers on Youtube at time of writing), Sony signed the group and saw their major debut album reach number one on the new age Billboard chart.  Unlike other groups, the five members are not all musicians and despite being named the "Piano Guys", there is actually only one piano player.  Like Stirling, the group sees themselves as a visual as well as an auditory project.  Jon Schmidt is the pianist, Steven Sharp Nelson the cellist, Tel Stewart a videographer and editor, Paul Anderson producer and videographer and Al van der Beek the studio tech.  Most of their Youtube videos has over 15 million views, and it's of little wonder - they record popular and current music, often mashing it up with classical and the videos range from visually stunning to hilarity.  The combination of remarkable talent and knowledge of popular culture earns them an engaging fan base, and like Lindsey Stirling, are one of the few CC artists to boast of an audience where youths are of the majority.

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#3 Bob Sylvester 2013-07-14 15:41
This is great, The Piano Guys is added. Already have their 2 albums(TPG and TPG2).
#2 Clark Damato 2013-07-14 13:53
I absolutely love the Piano Guys. They have their own unique, catchy interpretation of classic tunes plus they compose very creative, dynamic originals. Plus they produce some of the best music videos of the Classical Crossover genre.
#1 Joe Merkt 2013-07-14 13:46
These guys are extremely talented musically but also produce inventive and fun videos. Love their work and have their first two CDs.

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