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Toni Gibson


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Toni Gibson
had done little other than record a demo and post raw videos of herself singing on Youtube when she was first added to the site in 2010.  She caused a massive stir and shot straight up to our top ten after only one update and still holds the record for the fastest rated artist on the site.  Outside of CCUK, things are looking bright for the young New Zealander who has signed a contract with the same person responsible for the launch of Hayley Westenra and Elizabeth Marvelly in New Zealand.  She has recorded many tracks for her debut album (some can be found on her website and on Youtube), has made appearances on NZ television, had radio airplay, opened sporting events and performed in concerts throughout her home country.  Gibson's popularity can be largely credited to her homemade Youtube videos of her performing unplugged, making her vulnerable to obvious errors and weaknesses, and yet, showing none.  She consistently performs to not only a pitch perfect standard but also demonstrating real emotion with her astounding interpretation skills.  Her dark image and eclectic song selection prove to be challenging to the classical crossover standard which instantly intrigues and attracts new fans. Gibson launched her debut album in 2013 and reached the top ten in the New Zealand album chart - an impressive feat for a CC artist in New Zealand, but doubly so without a major label.

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#22 Brian 2013-05-26 01:48
Toni's new album "Echo In My Soul" is truly a magnificent album.

Her vocals are totally amazing.

One of the rare incredible voices of our time.
#21 Mike 2013-05-16 22:39
Time to move Toni up the CC charts again :) Only 50 votes out of 5th place. Get to work, guys!
#20 Toni Gibson 2013-05-15 04:47
Hello everyone. Please I need your help!!...Please help me by telling EVERYONE YOU KNOW to buy my album within the 1st week of the release! This will help with Chart sales-Good chart sales lead to more exposure!! The album is being released the Friday 17th of May (16th for UK, US and CA etc). The album will be sold in all New Zealand record stores and on I-tunes. Lets aim high and work together to try and reach number one on the charts! XD Thanks so much!! xx
#19 Mike 2013-05-11 14:29
Just got my CD - wow! wow! wow! Toni has hit it out of the park. Beautifully controlled interpretation as she samples rock, pop, country, folk influences as well as CC standards. Avoiding the excessive ornamentation favored by most talent show contestants these days, she unleashes the full power of her rich vocals at just the right moments, to spine-tingling effect. Great production job as well as the accompaniment follows this less-is-more approach, allowing us to fully enjoy Toni's voice. Number one on my personal playlist!
#18 Stephen 2013-04-26 04:05
I just received Toni's new CD two days ago. It is just wonderful. Her best work ever.
#17 HatsuneMiku01 2013-04-24 02:55
#16 John Paul French 2013-01-01 21:42
Wonderful emerging artist of the highest order.....
#15 keris 2012-12-19 10:35
She's soooo beautiful :) My brother is so lucky
#14 bernie 2012-11-09 17:11
Toni your star is rising and the CC world will see it shining brightly!!
#13 Kim Lariviere 2012-11-09 17:05
Toni is going to take the CC world and blow it up when she releases her CD in the spring!!! Way to go Toni! Luv ya
#12 David Cooper 2012-10-26 02:26
Her writeup says her biggest market is New Zealand, and it may be right now, but just wait until her CD is available. I think her audience will be shown to be world-wide!
#11 Nicola 2012-10-23 20:08
Sooooooooooooo sorry about the ancient write up that was on this page. I've re-written it to make it more relevant!
#10 Nicola 2012-10-21 17:12
Toni is featured on the front page of the site. :)
#9 Kim Lariviere 2012-10-17 23:01
Toni Gibson is one of the most incredible upcoming CC Artists. Her voice touches your soul and she tells such beautiful stories with her words. Please support Toni. She is the next CC Star. She will take the CC world to another level. Luv ya Toni!!!
#8 gene leforge 2012-10-17 19:06
woohoo im number 600, whatever that means?
#7 Dale Adkins 2012-10-16 04:35
It cannot be denied, the voice that is Toni Gibson's penetrates to the very soul. Crisp and clean with control of soft and large notes, This wonderful young artist needs a platform to showcase. Any help with funding her debut album is for the good of us all.
#6 Kim Lariviere 2012-10-04 15:27
Everyone! Toni has an album to release, but has no money to launch it! Please, please, please help in anyway you can, be it with money or by spreading the word. Every contribution counts!
#5 Kim Lariviere 2012-09-29 02:00
The most incredible CC Artist I have ever heard...Support Toni Gibson ......
#4 Nicola 2012-09-24 09:03
Everyone! Toni has an album to release, but has no money to launch it! Please, please, please help in anyway you can, be it with money or by spreading the word. Every contribution counts!

Loadsa love
Nic x
#3 Brian 2012-09-19 11:12
Toni is coming your way.This modest girl is going to be ahuge success and very soon!
BTW the information about Toni is dated and needs revising.

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